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Color Gemstone Rings

Birthstones options for each month are listed below:

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Add a splash of color with our fun gemstone rings...

Whether you are looking for a birthday gift or a favorite color; semi-precious and precious gemstones are a wonderful way to add a splash of color to your hand! At Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers in Milwaukee, we offer a great selection of colored stone jewelry that is extraordinary in both their beauty and design.

Birthstone jewelry is a fun way to add a splash of color to your jewelry collection, and an easy idea when looking for a special gift for someone. According to the American Gem Society these the stones associated with each month:

  • January -- garnet (red)
  • February -- amethyst (purple)
  • March -- aquamarine (light, light blue)
  • April -- diamond (or use a clear quartz or CZ)
  • May -- emerald (green)
  • June -- pearl
  • July -- ruby (red)
  • August -- peridot (lime green)
  • September -- sapphire (deep rich blue)
  • October -- opal (we usually recommend pink tourmaline)
  • November -- citrine (or golden topaz)
  • December -- turquoise, zicron, tanzanite (but we recommend blue topaz)